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Welcome, visitor from the world, to our painting service. First of all, thank you for visiting our site. We hope that the way that we bring life to each piece is what you had in mind for your miniatures. We send every months painted armies from San Francisco to Hong Kong.
In this section you will find everything related to the process of commissions, painting and delivery of 
your models.
We work all makes and scales of miniatures. Warhammer 40,000, Warhammer Fantasy Battles, Age of Sigmar, 
Infinity, Confrontation, Flames of War, Inquisitor, dioramas, Forge World Titans... We are wargame´s fans 
since our childhood and have many years of experience painting, modeling and advising on schemes and aesthetics of armies.
This studio is located in Madrid, Spain. If you decide to send your minatures, please, contact us on this site, or Our Facebook profile page whichever you 
prefer. Dont care about if we are far of your town!, for entire armies shipping cost are FREE. (see below)

Tell us how you want your miniatures. It is possible to build several options of weapons for your miniatures, and if you need extra pieces, maybe we have them in our huge boxes of remains and we can constitute.

Send us your miniatures. Once we have them in our power, depending on our work schendule, we are committed to start your work a maximum of 2 months after the reception.

During the process of painting you will receive by mail photos of the WIP to give the approval and make sure that the work progresses according to your expectations.

Once finished the work we will send you definitive photos of your miniatures, and if you give the approval, proceed to the payment and the return shipment. We will be waiting to receive your message that they have arrived ok.

Do you have your miniatures perfectly painted back? Give envy to all and share them in your social networks. You can do it directly from our Facebook page or Instagram.

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